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Kiva Rose inspires me. Her passion, fascination and perpetual curiosity of plants, people, nature, and the relationship that binds them in wholeness stirs those touched by it; encourages our own listening, our own insights and musings. Making it all better, she writes beautifully. Her ability to capture and convey the spirit of the plants she writes about and the essence of the ideas that guide their use is a gift shared with both humility and mettle. Kiva, in a word, rocks.
-Jim McDonald, Practicing Herbalist, Teacher & Author

Here you will find a wide and varied collection of my writings on specific plants, ranging from full monographs to short vignettes. The selection of herbs included here is primarily common weeds and plants native to the Gila bioregion of New Mexico. More plant profiles will be added over time and many selections will be lengthened or altered. The complete incarnations of this Materia Medica will be found in my forthcoming The Medicine Woman's Herbal and Medicinal Plants of the Gila.

The profiles have been arranged by botanical name for ease of use.

New additions and further revisions will be marked with a star to alert the reader.
-Kiva Rose


Materia Medica


Achillea spp. (Yarrow)

Alnus spp. (Alder)

Artemisia spp. (Western Mugwort)

Avena sativa & fatua (Oats)

Bidens spp. (Spanish Needles, Beggarticks)

Citrus spp. (Lemon and Orange)

Equisetum arvense (Horsetail)

Eschscholzia californica (California Poppy, Mexican Gold Poppy)

Glandularia spp. (Vervain)

Larrea tridentata. (Creosote Bush, Chaparral)

Lavendula spp. (Lavender)

Mahonia (previously Berberis) spp. (Oregon Grape Root)

Malva, Sphaeralcea and related sp. (Mallow, Globemallow & Marshmallow)

Mimulus spp. (Monkeyflower)

Monarda spp. (Beebalm, Oregano de la Sierra, Sweet Leaf)

Oenothera spp. (Evening Primrose)

Plantago spp. (Plantain)

Pinus spp. (Pine)

Populus spp. (Cottonwood, Poplar, Aspen, Balm of Gilead)

Prunus persica (Peach)

Prunus virginiana (Chokecherry)

Rosa spp. (Rose)

Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary)

Sambucus spp. (Elder)

Scutellaria spp. (Skullcap, Blisswort)

Solidago spp. (Goldenrod)

Sphaeralcea, Malva and related sp. (Globemallow, Mallow, Marshmallow)

Symphytum spp. (Comfrey)

Ulmus spp. (Elm)

Urtica spp. (Stinging Nettle)

Usnea spp.

Verbena and Glandularia spp. (Vervain)

Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha, Winter Cherry)





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