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Calming Herbs & Nervine Differentials

Motherwort1Herbal Headache Treatment with Differentials

Injury Therapeutics with Differentials

Burn Treatment Tips

Top Twelve Winter Remedies

Two Case Studies in Cellulitis

Treating Insect Stings and Bites

Treatment for Liver Heat and Congestion

Therapeutics for Excessive Uterine Bleeding

Eat Your Medicine: Healing with Real Food

Diet Dogma vs. Real Rood


All the props in the world to Susun Weed, Rosemary Gladstar, Michael Moore, etc. for laying the foundation, now I can’t wait to see what the younger folk bring to it. And Kiva, you are the leading voice of this generation.

Here is a diverse sampling of my writings on therapeutics and nutrition. Ideal treatment and diet will vary greatly from person to person, and individual constitution should always be taken into account when treating any issue. Most of my writings here are necessarily general, while providing as much specific information as possible. In some cases, as with the piece on cellulitis, I have only included my personal experience rather than a specific regimen because the case was complicated and needed much specialization but I believe my experience will be useful to knowledgeable herbalists and health care practitioners as well as the lay person. As this site grows (and I finish my book), I hope to include more thorough and rigorous treatment plans for specific conditions such as lupus and interstitial cystitis, with constitutional adaptations providing for many variations in nutrition and herbal protocols.

Most of the herbs I mention in this Therapeutics section can be explored in greater detail through my Materia Medica pages

-Kiva Rose






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